Arranging a Celebrant

Where a person belongs to a church or has specified their choice of minister, either we will make contact and the necessary arrangements, or families are free to make that contact themselves.

If a person does not have any church connection and the family wishes to have a religious service, the first person to contact would be the minister or priest for the parish where they lived.

Ministers of the Church of Scotland do not charge a fee for taking a funeral service, however if a family wish to give the minister a donation for the church, we are able to take care of this on their behalf. Other religions may have set parochial fees which may need to be paid for the services of the clergy, we can also take care of this on their behalf. If a minister other than the parish minister is retained, he or she would usually be given an honorarium for taking the service.

Whilst we can arrange the services of a minister, we would always put them in contact with the family to arrange the details of the service personally. There is no obligation to have a minister take the service.  If a family want to take the service themselves, they can.

Of course there are also non-religious officiants available. We explain this more fully in our ‘World religions’ and ‘Non-religious services’ sections.

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