Burial or cremation?


Ground purchase is currently available in Birkhill Cemetery and Pitkerro Grove Cemetery (Drumsturdy Road). Both of these cemeteries are operated by Dundee City Council.

Ground purchase is also available in other cemeteries in the surrounding area which are operated by other Local Councils.

For information on the cost of purchasing ground and the cost of an interment, visit our burial costs page.


When arranging a cremation, a choice must be made as to which crematorium to use.

Dundee crematorium and Parkgrove crematorium in Friockheim are the two most local, however, you can use any other crematorium that you may be familiar with.

All crematoria have a garden of remembrance where ashes can be scattered. Alternatively the ashes can be collected by your funeral director for scattering or interring elsewhere.

For information on the cost of each chapel and each crematorium, visit our cremation costs page.

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