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In our experience, the best funerals are those where everyone looks back with peace of mind that they got it “just right”; that the tone, style and format was to the deceased’s preference.  Those we find tough to arrange are the funerals where families have no idea what a loved one would want.  Indecision coupled with grief at an already difficult time weighs down every major and minor choice.

We promise to share our expertise in guiding families through a funeral arrangement, at no cost, and for anyone who wants help.  Here’s how.

It costs nothing to chat

Make an appointment to explore the costs and options based on a future event you want for you or someone you are responsible for.  We can do this in our branch or in the comfort of your own home with you on your own or with a wider family group.

Download our free checklist

For anyone thinking ahead, you’ll find a checklist of questions that cover the key elements of a funeral.  By answering and selecting your choices, we can create a free Plan of Wishes and return this by email or as a hard copy.  Changes to the plan can be made at any time and as often as you like.

Create your own Plan of Wishes online

On our website’s home page, select “Record a Plan of Wishes” where you select the options and this generates a Plan sent to your inbox.  Based on our checklist, this option too allows you to share with others and update the choices you’ve made at any time.

Fix your funeral costs at today’s prices

It’s also possible to buy a prepayment funeral plan which not only sets out your choices, but fixes the funeral director fees at today’s rates.  The prepayment plans also set aside a sum for costs over which we have no control, but we can calculate a total based on the funeral you choose ie. may  include newspaper notices, flowers, coffin choices.  Our funeral plans are administered by Golden Charter and more details can be found on the relevant page of our website.

Planning ahead is one of the most loving things we can do for our family and friends by removing the burden of decisions at a difficult time.

When you give us your wishes, we’ll give you our promise to get the plan “just right”.