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Thinking Ahead FAQs

Can I make a Plan of Wishes for someone else?

Free Plans of Wishes are for you to leave instructions for the people likely to organise your own funeral. Our checklist is aimed at triggering a conversation amongst family and friends to ensure that, when the time comes, those in the arranging seat have fewer uncertainties, worries or quiet regrets about what was right for you. If you need to discuss your needs, or want to explore the specifics of a plan for someone else, we are happy to talk through the details to ensure you get the right fit.

How can James L Wallace help me with my Plan of Wishes?

We can help in a number of ways. First we can draft a free Plan of Wishes based on a conversation with you either in the comfort of your home or in one of our branches. Alternatively you can use our checklist to consider the various options and if needs be, have a wider conversation with family and friends. Then either send in the checklist or give us a call and we can do the rest. Plans can be updated at any time, particularly as circumstances change. And you may want to consider buying a pre-payment plan in time too which fixes our professional fees no matter how much they may rise in the future.

How much does it cost to make a Plan of Wishes?

We do not charge a penny for helping you make a Plan of Wishes.

Who should I tell that I have made a Plan of Wishes?

It's a good idea to share your Plan with close family or friends, especially those who may be responsible for arranging your funeral. Alternatively you can leave a copy with your Will or executor. We store a copy here too so there's always a record.

How long do Plans of Wishes last?

For your lifetime. You can change them at any time. The important thing is the people who are likely to arrange your funeral need to know you have one, or that we have a copy so there are no doubts regarding what you had planned.

What happens if I need to update my Plan of Wishes?

You can amend your free Plan of Wishes at any time. In fact, we encourage people to review this as life's circumstances change. However frequently you may want to do this, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way and can re-issue your free Plan of Wishes to you, family and friends as many times as you need.